My boys decided that they wanted to be very specific snakes from the Lego Ninjago series.  Of course there are no premade costumes.  I did find one snake but it was not up to the “requirements.”  While looking at the images online I set to work.  The shirts were easy as I just took the appropriate color shirt and cut out pieces of felt and/or fleece and lightly sewed them on.  My husband drew and cut out the weapons from foam board which we then spray painted.

The ax head was attached to a stick with duct tape. The heads were the trickiest part. I decided to attach the necessary components onto a baseball cap. For “Skalidor” I made the cones out of painted paper. I made the eyes and other markings out of felt and then attached it all with Gorilla tape. “Slithraa” was harder as he has a hood like a cobra snake.  I finally decided to take some thin wire and sew felt around it and then hook it into the inside bands.  Again attached with Gorilla tape in the middle.  The fangs were made from foam board and attached with Gorilla tape.  I found regular duct tape wouldn’t hold.

The ironic thing was that it was so cold and windy on Halloween that they ended up not looking like they were wearing a costume at all.  The hats kept blowing off and they couldn’t hold onto their foam board weapons in the face of the wind.  So I ended up holding both the hats and weapons and they looked like two kids who were just bundled up against the cold.  All that work…Sigh!