I wanted to do something out of the ordinary and thought Jack would be great as a disguise. I have never seen anyone do it, so I challenged myself to do it.

For the outfit I used a dress suit that I bought at Salvation Army for $6.99 and then painted stripes on it. I also bought the gloves there in the extra Halloween selection. 99 cents. I make the cane out of a mop stick and then attached an iron clothes hanger to it. Then had some tinfoil to make shape and taped it up with black duct tape. I also added the battery operated skull lights and webbing. Both for 2.99. For the head part I had used a punching balloon and paper mache it up and then painted the face on . It surprised a lot of people and they had a good laugh. For the tie I had used a hanging spider and painted on it ( I found that material itchy though).

Sally was made up of a dress that also cost 10.99 and patch worked glued on. Make up was applied and a hat and webbed stockings were purchased from Halloween dept.

Always feels great to make your own costumes!!