My 12-year-old sister always wants to be something crazy and unexpected for Halloween, so at first, we decided that a Teletubby would be a good idea. Part way through the sewing process (took over 5 meters of red fabric), she came up with a new twist to the original idea: Teletubby, gangster version.

So we made the antenna in the shape of the dollar symbol, got a couple of chains, a gold tv screen for the belly, and a couple of rings (added after the picture was taken).

The whole costume was handmade, and took at least fifteen hours to complete. Our biggest challenge was to make the antenna stick up, and to use up as little fabric as possible, while still creating the illusion of a plump Teletubby.

The costume worked well, since our Halloween was rather cold, and my sister wore a thick coat underneath, and her hands were warm thanks to the built-in hands. Her costume got many compliments and laughs.