The scariest movie of recent times, The Conjuring, based on a true story, features a creepy doll, a sinister monkey, and a bone-chilling music box. Then comes the prequel- highlighting the demonic doll, Annabelle. She writes on walls, turns on the sewing machine and plays records.

Annabelle is portrayed as a beautiful porcelain doll turned satanic. But, in actuality, the real Annabelle was a simple Raggedy Ann doll. She is locked in a display case at Ed and Loraine Warren’s Occult Museum. The inspiration for this costume was to inform the public of the misrepresented doll and, of course, to scare people with the creepy toys from the movie.

To make Annabelle, all that was needed was a white dress, red ribbon, and detailed face paint. But she is locked in a case, which was made out of a cardboard box lined with cellphone to create the glass. The real life movie Annabelle was on one side of the case, but on the other side was the “actual” doll (Raggedy Ann), complete with a lock to keep the public safe.

On another side of the box were crayons glued to the box and writings saying, “Miss me?” and “I want her soul”. This represented the Conjuring and Annabelle and what she wrote on walls and ceilings. The last side had flyers that people could take that told the real story. Annabelle would turn on the sewing machine and play records. The top of the box featured these items.

But Annabelle wasn’t the only frightening toy, there was the monkey and the music box. The music box was made out of poster board and painted to match that from the movie. To make the monkey, I had sewed an outfit similar to that of the movie. Then I painted two mini Frisbees silver. I hot glued these to the monkey’s hands and the original monkey was transformed into the terrifying toy. Both the music box and monkey were displayed on the top of the box as well.

Of course, the reactions to this costume were “How Scary!”