In our house we love the Nightmare before Christmas.  This inspired me to create new characters for Halloween last year.  I looked up pictures of Sally and let my imagination go.  First I created my husband’s costume.  I took an old suit and hat and my bag of bits and I went to work making random patchwork pieces cover the entire surface area.  I applied the patches with lots of different colored embroidery thread and made sure the stitches were large and choppy looking.  This took me about a week to finish.

With his costume out of the way I was able to focus on the true gem of my creation: MY COSTUME! I took an old black dress and did the same thing that I did with the hubby’s costume, adding random patches; but I also looked up old fashioned dresses and created a really cool pleated train on the back.  The finished dress weighs almost 10 pounds! it has SO many beautiful layers to it.  I created a jacket for my costume by slicing apart an old satin shirt and adding random stitches to it.  I also created a patchwork bag, head piece, and added patches to my black vinyl boots.

On our faces I wanted to go with a nice stitched look.  Hubby wasn’t too into that so I simply drew his on with black eyeliner.  My stitches however were black embroidery thread applied with tweezers and a gelatin mix.  It came out REALLY well!