Our daughter decided that she wanted to be something off the wall this year! So what else, but a monkey cowboy.
We like to call her “The Chimp with No Name” or “Chimp Eastwood.”
The costume base started out with a few store bought items that we incorporated into creating the “base layer” of the costume. From the base layer, we added our own creations out of things we bought or had around the house.

1. Cowboy Hat
2. Large Fake Ears
3. Headband
4. Hooded black top
5. Authentic Mexican Pancho
6. Black fur fabric
7. Two belts
8. Holster
9. Fake or real bananas
10. Chimp arms and Feet
11. Old pants

We started by taking the fake ears and hot gluing them to headband. We then painted them to match the color of a chimp’s skin. We glued fur in the ear holes and around the headband to disguise the headband itself. We took a black hooded shirt and covered the hood and neck portion with black fur. We could not find any fur we liked at the fabric store, so we actually ended up going to the Goodwill and buying several stuffed monkey’s and “skinning” them for the fur. We bought an authentic Mexican Pancho and rolled it around in the dirt, as well as some old pants we had at home. I cut holes in the pants and glued some of the monkey fur to look like it was busting out of the holes. We used 2 women’s belts with grommets to make the bandoliers. We screwed fake bananas in along the belts, where bullets would go, and crossed them over her shoulders. She also wore a holster with bananas in the gun slots. We cut old belts up to strap over the bananas to look like “holders” and also to adorn the costume in other areas, i.e. the cowboy hat. Her trick-or-treat bag was a canvas bag that we ironed on a “wanted” poster transfer onto, with a picture of her. Her hands and feet were chimp hands and feet. We used black and brown face paint to paint her face like a chimp. This costume was a lot of fun, and while confusing to some at first, it got a ton of laughs!