I made the large chicken head from a paper mache sculpture for my homemade chicken Jockey costume. Then I covered it in fabric, felt and upholstery trim. I painted the beak and made three demential eyes. I mounted the head onto a cage I fashioned from 2 metal tomato cages. Then covered those in the chicken fabric. I made the large shape of the body from a heavy plastic pipe that we attached at the base to create a giant oval body. I then attached the neck, tomato cages to the oval body using a leather belt so the neck could be moved up and down.

I cut 100’s of “feathers” from coordinating fabrics and glued them all onto the base, body fabric to look like feathers and allow them to have lots of movement when he walked. I then made a tiny, fake jockey body to look like he was riding the chicken. I made chicken feet for my husband to wear out of a pair of his old work boots.

Finally I made a jockey costume and helmet for him to wear. People couldn’t believe what they were seeing. He got lots of laughs from people about this costume. The fake “jockey butt” was a huge source of laughter as he strutted away!

This costume took me about a week and a half to complete.