My one and a half year old son loves airplanes or “aepains” as he calls them.  Whenever we are outside, and he sees on he points and shrieks “aepain!” Sometimes eleven if we’re were in the house he can hear them and he does the same thing!  So about 2 months ago, I starTed googling airplane costumes.  I found cool DIY costume and followed the pi to the best of my ability plus added a few touches of my own.  My son absolutely loved the costume! He didn’t want too take It off!  The only problem was that it was a little hard for a toddler to walk in.  We barely got to the first house and he crashed and burned….he appeared to be unscathed, however after knocking into a few things, his bleat wing had become loose.  We had to make. Trip back to the hanger for repairs.  After a little glue, a few new staples and a 45 minute drying ” recuperation” time, we were back on the scene and better than ever!  He quickly got the hang of walking around, and actually did quite well! We had no other major malfunctions.