My sister and I love Batman so we went with this theme and made a Batman Villain Ladies group costume. We started months in advance. I was two face and I took a white button down shirt and white jean shorts and dyed half black and I used toilet paper and Elmer’s glue and black and red face paints and layered it on one side of my face.  I did one side of my hair straight and the other side curly and wore one black and one white leather boots.

My sister was Poison Ivy. She was pregnant so she wore a green jumpsuit and we glued leaves above her eyebrows for the face mask Poison Ivy has and glued 2 foam plant holders to a headband and wrapped her hair and bobby pinned it to them to make the humps and glued leaves to the front of the jump suit.  My cousin Amanda was the Riddler and she took a white shirt and white pants and took glow in the dark green and black puff paints and painted question marks all over it.

My sister and best friend were Robin and Harley Quinn but they decided to buy their costumes. That’s how we did it, it was super fun and got rave reviews by all our friends and family.