I absolutely LOVED making this Avatar Halloween costume!  The movie came out that year, and I wanted to be her but the store costume was boring…so I decided to make my own!!

I bought some zebra print fuzzy fabric and spray painted it blue, and I used that for the tail, ears, and as a cover for my shoes. I bought a blue sports bra and used black marker to draw tiger lines in it, and sewed brown feathers around the neck line. I found a pair of tiger print blue boy shorts, so that worked out perfect!  And I used blue tights for my legs, and washable black marker to make the lines. I used brown fabric and attached the tail to the back and wrapped it around me with a thick twine.

For my body and face, I used washable black marker to make the tiger like strips, and used A LOT of blue eyeshadow over it to give my skin the Avatar look.  I attached little rhinestones to my face like she had in the movie. I got a leathery looking fabric and cut a strip for the headband and attached the ears to it. I bought a wig and braided sections, cut them up and added beads and feathers to the bottom, then attached those braids to another wig. I used brown yarn to make a thick long braid and attached it underneath the wig for the “halo” braid the Avatars had.

I went out in this costume a few nights in a row, so I wanted to change it up a little each night.  I made 2 separate props for 2 of the nights, one was supposed to be the Tree of Souls, and the other the Woodsprite (the seeds from the Tree of Souls).  I used a blue pool noodle for the tree base, lots of glow sticks wrapped in cotton, battery operated pink lights, and pink fiber optic lighting throughout to give it the glowing effect. For the Woodsprite, I cut a styrofoam ball in half, sprayed it pink and covered the ball in pink fiber optic lighting and stuck a stick through it so I could carry it.  I made the seeds with an LED light wrapped in cotton and white chenile for the spidery like legs.  I attached the seeds with glow sticks so they looked like they were floating down from the tree.

This was by far my favorite costume yet!  Everyone loved it, and I enjoyed making it.