Our youngest son wanted to be Ash Ketchum from Pokemon for Halloween. I spent several days scouring costume ideas on the internet (even store bought ones!) before I came up with my version. Minor sewing skills are necessary, but nothing really fancy is required.


1 red trucker hat with a white front
1/2 yard of dark green felt
1 blue short sleeve t-shirt
1 white short sleeve t-shirt
1 white collar button down shirt (Note that all 3 shirts should be the same size)
Yellow duct tape

(Also needed is a toy Pokeball, solid black t-shirt, jeans and a belt)

For Ash’s hat-

Lightly trace a pokeball outline in pencil in the center of the white part of the hat. Using a blue marker, color it in. See? That’s the easy part!

Ash’s Jacket-

-Remove all but inch of the sleeves from the blue shirt, Split the shirt up the middle like it’s a jacket.
-Remove the entire sleeve from the white shirt,.
-Pin and sew the sleeves from the white shirt onto the blue one. (Don’t let this scare you! It is possible, even if you have never sewn the sleeve of anything before! How do I know this? This was my first time doing it.)
-Remove the collar from the button down shirt, making sure cut some extra fabric off with it
-Pin and sew the collar onto the blue t-shirt. (Yet another scary thing for my novice needle!)
-Now for that split down the middle…using either iron-on binding, or by hand sewing, tuck that baby up and make it look neater. I used iron-on binding (stitch-witch) to make my life easier
-Take a length of the yellow duct tape and put it around the bottom of the shirt, folding half of it under to press against the back of the shirt.
-Split a 6inch strip of tape length wise and place a strip on either side of the jacket where the pockets would be.
(I used duct tape because I wanted the reflectivity of it since this was for Trick or Treating.)

Ash’s Gloves-

-Cut out a rectangle that can wrap lengthwise around the hands that will be wearing the gloves plus an extra inch. (Make sure that you cut with the stretch of the fabric)
-Sew the short ends of the fabric together, leaving a gap for the thumb. This would be a good time to test fit and get a visual idea on where the fingers will be.
-Sew the finger holes by tacking the fabric together with a couple of stitches in the same place for each finger. (Test fit after each finger if you have to. I did!)

Put it all together-
Put on the black t-shirt, jeans and belt (and of course your shoes!) Toss on the jacket, pull on your gloves, settle your hat, grab your Pokeball and go “catch ‘em all!”