Every year the company that I work with has a Halloween Event in which people bring their children to “Trick or Treat” around the cubicles. Because two of my friends at work commented that I sounded like Pikachu when I sneezed (they can hear my high pitched sneezes over their cubicles), I decided that it would be a challenge for me to make that as my costume for this year’s office Halloween Event. I bought some of the base materials (tee, foam and fabric) and used other crafting items that I had around the house (other fabric scraps, pipecleaners, thread, glue gun, etc). Finally, after 4 weeks of hand-sewing the pieces (head, tail and Poke-ball patch) and many misshaps (almost burned my hand with the glue gun and I pricked my finger a couple of times so I literally put blood, sweat and tears into my creation), the costume was complete.

Today I showed off my first handmade costume and thankfully it didn’t freak out many of the kids (though there was one little boy who kept staring and felt compelled to touch my face after I removed the mask). Hopefully, I will be able to make more costumes and my skills will improve the next time around… practice makes perfect, right?