Costume by Renee O., Watsonville, CA

2 1/2 year-old Caroline is infatuated with Little Orphan Annie!! Instead of the usual "trick or treat", she crooned her off-key rendition of "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" at each doorstep! Obviously, she’s our extrovert… Her older siblings NEVER would have been so bold!

This was one of my easiest home made costumes yet!

I bought a cheap Christmas dress from K-Mart and stripped it of all embellishments.

Cost: $12.00, Time: 5 minutes

Next, I hot-glued a piece of wide black ribbon around the waist band. I the glued a piece of thinner white ribbon over the black.

Cost: $2.00, Time: 15 minutes

For the collar, I used a sleeveless white blouse and black piping. I basted the piping around the edge of the collar by hand so that it would be easy to remove.

Cost: $2.00, Tome 20 minutes

I bought Caroline some frilly socks and we used her shiny church shoes.

Cost: $4.00

To get her wavy blonde hair to look like Annie’s, I washed it and put food coloring in it. While it was still wet, I put in in tiny rollers, sprayed it with a TON of hairspray and let it dry completely. Right before we were ready to go, I took it down, "fluffed" it a bit & sprayed it again.

She still admires the pictures from that night while singing her songs!

Total Spent: $15