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Coolest Holy Cow Costume 3

by Danie
(Coastal North Carolina)

Homemade Holy Cow costume and the cowgirl

Homemade Holy Cow costume and the cowgirl

I actually got the idea for this costume from this site! I was really excited, as I'd never made my own costume before.

I had an old black dress in the back of my closet, so that became the base. I got thick white pants and thin string from goodwill, and some small bells off old Christmas earrings I had (a total of 5 dollars!) I cut all the spots out of the pants, and then cut the pink tummy area out of an old pink t-shirt, then glued them all to the dress.

I cut a tail out of a black t-shirt, and attached some of the white string to the end. I took a glove from work, blew it up, and attached it to the tummy as an "utter". The necklace was made from more white string and the bells from the earrings.

I had angel wings from an old cotume, and those got Velcroed to the back because the dress zipped up the back, so they had to be removable.

Finally (and this isn't pictured) My halo was made from an silver headband, and intertwined silver and sparkly white pipe cleaners, and my ears were black and pink t-shirt bits that I sprayed with starch and stapled to the headband.

It was cold that night, so I worn this with black leggings and a little black cardigan. It took people a little bit to figure out what I was but, once they got it, the laughs didn't stop. They we're very impressed when they found out I had made (almost)all of it too!

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Coolest Holy Cow Costumes 2

by Kaitlyn
(Redondo Beach, CA)

holy cow! it's two holy cows!!

holy cow! it's two holy cows!!

Okay. For our costumes we decided to be holy cows. We came up with the idea because I tend to say holy cow a lot, so we were like hey! Let’s be holy cows. So we did.

We bought white leggings, a white shirt, white wings, a white halo, black fabric paint, and black body paint. It took us about 2 hours to paint all the spots on the shirt and leggings. Then we made cow ears. We got black foam from my mom’s craft stuff and cut 4 shapes that were like ears. Instead of white spots though, we made glue spots and sprinkled glitter on it. It looked so cute! Then on the front of the ears we glued some pink fabric. And we stapled it a little in the back to make them more curved. Then we hot glue gunned them to the halo. Then we made a tail! We cut a strip from one of my dad’s old black t-shirts and pinned it to our leggings at the top where you can’t see it.

Then the final thing was putting spots on our faces. Then we put everything on and it turned out so great. Whenever people asked us what we were we’d say holy cows and EVERYONE thought it was such a cute idea. It was way better than just buying some costume from a store. Plus it was fun to make! Hope you all like it...

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I always try to do something clever...
by: katy

decision made. thanks guys!

What a flippin cute idea! Thanks
by: Anonymous

Hey girls I love this! I've been searching for something cute and creative...HOLY COW how come I couldn't come up with that..
thanks..We will see what turns out...

by: B

What a great idea!! This may end up being my costume for this year. Thanks so much for sharing!

Love it!
by: Julie

Love this! It's an adorable idea and I'm definately using it for "pun day" at school!

by: Oreo

HOLY COW!! This is a great idea! Decision made.;-)

Holy Cow and Holy Smoke
by: Anonymous

Saw this idea on another site and I loved it! Thanks for tips on how to DIY! Also, if anyone ever wants to make this a tandem costume, my boyfriend's going to be Holy Smoke :D :D :D

My Doppelganger
by: Cara Pender

This blonde girl is my doppelganger...!

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Coolest Holy Cows Couple Costume 4

by Trish
(Austin, Texas)

Homemade Holy Cows Couple Costume

Homemade Holy Cows Couple Costume

After being inspired by the costumes on the website we decided that “Holy Cows” were the way to go! We bought scrub bottoms and long sleeve t-shirts as our base and then cut out cow patches in black & white felt. We then added a big pink felt belly and stuck a blown up plastic glove to make the udders.

For tails we went to the craft store and bought curtain tie backs with tassels and safety pinned them to the pants. The addition of a cow bell, also purchased at the craft store, angel wings, a halo and face paint completed the Homemade Holy Cows Couple Costume.

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