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Coolest Homemade Kali Ma Hindu Goddess Costume 4

by Jessica C.
(Pigeon Forge, Tennessee)

Homemade Kali Ma Hindu Goddess Costume

Homemade Kali Ma Hindu Goddess Costume

To make this rendition of Kali Ma Hindu Goddess Costume, I researched several different pictorial representations so as to be true and respectful. While she is most often shown with several sets of hands, there are some pictures where she just has one extra set, so I went with that.

I purchased a flesh-toned camisole and tights, then spray-painted them blue. It leaves a mottled look which helps to match the way your skin will look when you use blue costume makeup. I made the skull necklace out of leather shoelaces, plastic skulls, and hot glue. The red and gold necklaces were plastic Mardi-Gras beads, and my crown, earrings, dagger, and scimitar were made of cardboard, glitter, and craft beads.

The gold bracelets on my hands and arms were ribbon. My skirt was a broomstick-type skirt bought from a thrift store and cut short. The belt of hands was made by spray-painting dish washing gloves, and the shrunken heads with paper bags, an old wig, and black thread.

The arms were made with foam pipe covering and filled with spray foam to keep them stiff and fatten them up. I then used a palm sander to make them arm-shaped. I filled blue latex gloves with pillow stuffing and hot glued them to the end of the arms. The ribbon bracelets covered up any marks showing where the hands were joined to the arms.

I used blue duct tape in a cross-your-heart fashion to secure the arms to my body. This caused no discomfort at all, and helped to make the arms look real. (I could wave them around and simulate real motion very well.)

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Coolest Homemade Ganesh Hindu God Costume

by Micheal Z.
(Roseville, MI. U.S.A.)

Homemade Ganesh Hindu God Costume

Homemade Ganesh Hindu God Costume

My love for elephants got the best of my artistic abilities this year. I never used to make costumes cause I thought it was too time consuming. But for the last three years since I began my artistic journey in costume making, it has touched me personally and professionally. My first costume was killer clown from outer space, hand made from scratch and I wore it to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan for Hollow weekend. Everyone was amazed, took pictures, laughed and it touched me personally.

I am an artist by trade, I paint in Pointillism which is my style. I expanded into making kewl costumes for myself and for my friends to be wowed and awed at. I put my heart and soul into my pieces of artwork which I think my costumes are. The Homemade Ganesh Hindu God Costume was made from 100% recycled materials. It is held together by duct tape, caulking, rope, and paint.

The fabric was from old curtains, the trim was made from Christmas ribbon. The stones and pearls were from a box of junk I had. The head piece also includes cardboard, duct tape, carpet underlayment, acrylic paint, rope, and varnish.

So, for my 40th birthday last night, I unveiled my art piece and the wow factor was in full force. I hope that somewhere out there someone will judge a costume on workmanship, creativity, and appreciation of hard work done. Enjoy my costume and share it with everyone.

Comments for Coolest Homemade Ganesh Hindu God Costume

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by: robert

Great design, and awesome workmanship....hope you win....

aaa ++++
by: Anonymous

great job

by: Anonymous

What an awesome costume, it is truly an original costume...

Inappropriate use of religious symbol!!!
by: Anonymous

Great costume....not appropriate to use the Hindu religious symbol or any other religions symbol for Halloween purposes!!!

It is a tribute/An Artist Rendition to the Hindu God Ganesh.
by: creator of costume

the prior comment thanks, but it is my tribute to Hindu Religion. As with my studies I have fell in love with the culture. Therefore as with many other costumes that are religious in nature also appear at halloween time. I am an artist, therefore I am not praying on any religion, nor am I being offensive towards any religion whatsoever. I researched this subject and there are several cartoons (anime) that depict the Hindu God Ganesh, there are public Statues of The Hindu God Ganesh. I am as an artist responsible to make sure that any part of the costume is within that mythology of the origins of which Ganesh was created. In no way am I depicting ganesh in a horrible way. It is a celebration, a testament to one religion through an artist works. Every year in India a celebration festival is held. Costumes are made, and shown off. I got my medical degree in India and feel that I have an open mind. I am not offending any religion. please keep in mind this is an art piece of tribute to the culture for which it came.

by: Greg

I think the Indian culture will see it as a tribute.

Totally Appropriate
by: LJK

The work that went into this costume can only be seen as a tribute and honor to the symbol and there is Nothing inappropriate about it. Love it!

By Far the Best Costume of the Year!
by: Marlene

5 Stars and more. Great Job!

Marvelous costume
by: T. W. Barenleute

I, like many millions of people, am devoted to the Lord Sri Ganesh. I feel that he must certainly see this costume as a tribute to him. Although you are not worshiping him from within the framework of Indian religion, you seem to be sincere in your wish to give honorable tribute to Sri Ganesh, and as his mind and heart is so much greater than that of humankind, he would be able to see this, beyond the petty biases and prejudices that cloud men's minds. Good luck in your work. Remember that the Lord Ganesh can strike down any obstacles that may come in your way.

by: Anonymous

I am Hindu, and think this absolutely amazing !! Great job. I appreciate it because you clearly spent a lot of time, paying attention to detail, and respected it.

better than drunk Jesus
by: Anonymous

lol about the person saying you used the religious symbol in a negative way - I think this is a whole lot more respectful to Hindusim than a slutty nun or a drunk Jesus is to Christianity, no?

This is one of the best costumes I have EVER seen, great job!!

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Coolest Homemade Kali Costume Idea 5

by Becky B.
(Kansas City, MO)

Homemade Kali Costume Idea

Homemade Kali Costume Idea

Homemade Kali Costume Idea
Homemade Kali Costume Idea
Homemade Kali Costume Idea

I love making costumes and always try to out do myself each year. I picked a Kali Costume Idea, Kali the Hindu goddess of death and destruction as an appropriate pick for Halloween.

The main body cover was made from a leotard from the thrift store, tights and that foam sheet stuff from hobby lobby for the hand skirt with fabric scraps in between. Face and chest were done with Ben Nye costume makeup. The crown from wire , foam core, left over plastic beads, and paint. The hair is pre fab wool falls. The arms I molded from my own arms in plaster. Then casted them in wax. Then re sculpted the wax parts to be joined at the wrists and elbows then molded those.

Finally casted the arm parts in expandable foam so they would be light weight. Painted and attached the arms with fishing line. All the arms were attached to back pack straps and covered with a scarf. This way all the arms moved naturally with my own arms.

Took lots of time and I spent more than I wanted to, but got the response I wanted.

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