Our close friend has an annual Halloween Party and the costume competition is INTENSE. I knew we had to come up with something good! While reading US Weekly, I ran across a picture of David and Victoria Beckham and knew I had nailed our costume idea, The Beckhams!

My Victoria costume was easy, as I already had the black cocktail dress, nude pumps, and over sized sunglasses. The wig on the other hand, was pretty difficult to find. I finally stumbled across the perfect wig on eBay and my outfit was complete! The David Beckham costume was a little more time consuming, I bought a blank dri-fit athletic shirt  in RED (for his Manchester United team colors) and puff painted the number 7 on the front and the name “BECKHAM” on the back. The tattoo sleeves were from the Halloween store and the basketball shorts he already wore. We spoke it a British accent the whole night and definitely were the hit of the party!! One of my favorite costumes yet!