For my son’s costume we decided on an illusion costume. We made this headless cook costume.

I first got a cardboard box I cut up and shaped to fit on my son’s back. I tied on  sports shoulder pads to the top of the box. I then got an extra large black button-up shirt, put that over the shoulder pads and cardboard box. I then sewed on an apron over the shirt, then I cut a hole in both the shirt and apron where my son’s head will go through.

I sewed on a piece of foam which I had colored with food coloring to look like a bloody stump to the neck of the shirt. I dribbled food coloring on the apron as well. I then stuffed the arms with newspaper to fill them out, sewed on oven mitts to the end of the sleeves which I attached to the “tray” (made out of cardboard). I cut out a hole on the tray to fit my son’s head and lined it with foil and “bloody” paper towels. I used a small bungee cord to hold the whole thing on my son’s back. I painted his face and he was ready to go.

People kept asking to take his picture and he won first place at a Halloween party he attended!