My boyfriend (Ethan) and I (Amber) are HUGE Halloween fans! We love to go all out for our costumes and knew that we had to come up with something over-the-top this year! I was inspired by a Matt Valentine character on an episode of Face Off, and we created an Ice Cream Man and Candy Clown with a creepy twist!

Ice Cream Clown Costume

For this costume, we searched thrift stores to find a white button-up shirt and we found white pants from a scrub supply store. The wig, suspenders, gloves, bow tie and stockings were all from a costume store. We used knee-high stockings for his striped sleeves. The coin changer was vintage piece ordered online. The ice cream cones were all made with craft supplies and paint. The face was a latex prosthetic which I painted and added candy sprinkles to.

Candy Clown Costume

For this costume, I used a white corset that I already had, and added pom pom balls. I handmade the tutu, skirt and candy pieces. The suspenders, stockings, wig and little hat were purchased from a costume store. The shoes were purchased from a thrift store. The makeup was created with cream face paints, liquid latex and candy sprinkles.

We got some of the best reactions to our costumes and even won the BEST couples costume prize at a Halloween party! These costumes are the perfect mix of creepy and whimsical. They were so much fun to make and even more fun to wear!