I really love vintage clothing. It was exciting for me when they remade The Great Gatsby movie this year. It familiarized people with 1920’s clothing. This was such a glamorous time in history. I really wanted to make a costume for our toddler based of of the Daisy character from the movie.

It is incredibly time consuming to hand sew on beads to a dress and the price of beaded fabric is extremely expensive, so I decided that buying a dress from a thrift store and cutting it apart for the beaded fabric was the best idea for creating the costume I had in mind.

Fortunately, I found a great dress in a pale blue that would suit my purposes. I would have liked a dress with more beading, but I was throwing this outfit together at the last minute and didn’t want to drive from store to store for a better dress. I first cut the dress apart and used the lining fabric to make a simple slip for the under layer of the costume. Then I made a drop waist dress with large arm holes for the top layer. I used some fabric to make a belt at the hips .

The pearls are made from strands of Christmas garland. I have found this is the cheapest way to make costume pearl jewelry.  I made a couple of necklaces . One of them I made very long and put a slip knot in. I also made a bracelet. The headpiece is a piece of trim with a rhinestone brooch attached.

My granddaughter already has short hair that is just starting to grow in. It is curly ,so I just added a little gel to define a curl over her cheeks. This was a relatively cheap costume to make using thrifted fabric. It only took a couple of hours to make and my granddaughter seemed comfortable wearing it. She is kind of fussy about wearing costumes ,but she kept this one on for a couple of hours without fussing. Yay! I finally made her a costume that she will actually wear!