This costume is completely handmade from head to alien toe. I used mostly EVA foam and various techniques of paint, sewing and lots of cutting and gluing. This is a completely freehand. I shape the foam pieces by cutting angles into the foam then gluing the many pieces together like a big puzzle. I always cut every piece of foam at an angle so they fit nicely when creating curves.

I had to search for the purple fabric that is used as the skin. I went to 5 different craft and fabric stores to find it. I actually redid the shell part twice because it didn’t look correct. Probably the hardest part was the hands. Getting them to look like hands rather than paws was very tough. We as a family love the video game Halo. So why not build a costume. But there are so many spartan armor suits why not build a Covnant bad guy.

I really enjoy making costumes for me and my son to use together. Its a fun way we can spend time together. I had a blast building it and enjoy the reaction we get when he wears it. It took 3 months to build. My favorite part of building costumes is the paint and weathering. It really brings it to life. Using watered down black and blue, allows you to saturate the deep groves and then wipe of the rest. Also using a dry brush lightly wipe it across parts you want to look like real metal. Gives it a realistic aged metal affect.

When going trick or treating or at the conventions I love watching peoples faces. People often times will stop and stare. Most of them want a picture. I especially love seeing grown men giggle at it.