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Coin Costume Ideas

Halloween Image submitted by:

Carrie R.
Steamboat Springs, CO

Coin Costume Halloween Image

This is a family or group costume of "loose change" (the coins) and piggy banks (to collect the loose change). It is a fun Halloween image of our group creation.

I made the coins by finding high-res coin pictures online and reprinting them in 2x2 poster mode onto sticker paper (so I ended up with 4 sheets for each side of the coin).

I trimmed the pictures and stuck them onto vinyl purchased in a sheet from Wal-Mart. I trimmed the vinyl about an inch larger than the pictures and left two tabs at the top. I cut another sheet of vinyl to fit over the top (the vinyl sticks to itself hence the 1 inch extra). I did the same for the back of the coin then used blanket edging for the straps (it is very comfortable).

I sewed the blanket edging between the tabs of the vinyl with embroidery thread with the biggest needle I could find. For the hats I printed a small picture on the front of the coin, trimmed it and hot glued the picture to the hat and then hot glued a small piece of vinyl over it (the vinyl gives the coin a realistic shine and depth).

For the piggy banks just a 2XL pink sweatshirt and a sharpie marker. I wrote Piggy Bank on the front and drew the slot on the back. With a pink foam sheet I made the ears and hot glued them to pink pipe cleaners. I used a pink pipe cleaner twisted and hot glued to the bottom middle of the sweatshirt for the pig tail. The snouts were purchased.

These costumes are a great Halloween image and work in cold climates (as down coats fit well under all of them) but can also work in warmer climates with just t-shirts underneath). When trick or treating at our town's downtown event I would say "Where's my loose change? A Piggy Bank needs coins." and people would crack up.

I hope you enjoy our Halloween image!

Total Spent: $50

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Coin Costume Halloween Image

Halloween Image submitted by:

Natalie J.
Seattle, WA

Coin Costume Halloween Image

The "Georgia" Quarter. In my perpetual obsession of coming up with "a costume that has never been seen or done before" I was brainstorming what extraordinary creation I could come up with for my daughter Georgia (who was 2 years old at the time). One day (as I was receiving my change at the grocery store checkout) it hit me: "A GEORGIA QUARTER!!! IT'S BRILLIANT!!" (Sadly - the clerk was not nearly as impressed as I was with the shiny coin I was holding in wonderment!)

[The year was 1999 and the "state" quarters had just started being released.] I got right to work on the costume: the materials I used were - 2 large pieces of styrofoam, black self adhesive Velcro, a black turtleneck and leggings, a silver puffy paint pen, silver pipe cleaners, craft glue, and clear spray paint with silver sparkles in it, and of course: a shiny new Georgia quarter from which to copy the design.

I cut the styrofoam out in 2 identical circles (approximately 18" in diameter - this could vary depending on the size of the wearer) and (in light pencil) I drew the design of the quarter's front on one circle and the design of the quarter's back on the other circle. [Note: You could also probably photocopy the quarter onto transparency paper - enlarge it by a couple hundred percent and use an overhead to trace the design if you aren't comfortable with the idea of doing it free-hand. Or get an artistic friend to draw it for you - offering him a quarter for his troubles of course!]

I then just traced over the pencil drawing with the silver puffy paint pen and glued the silver pipe cleaners around the edges. I stuck a couple pieces of Velcro on the inside of each circle and measured Velcro straps to fit my daughter over the shoulders and around the waist like a sandwich board (so it wouldn't fly off of her). For a finishing touch I twisted some leftover pipe cleaners into a little headpiece for her.

I spent a total of around $10 and it took me about 1-1/2 hours to make. We took her to a Harvest Festival in costume and she was the hit of the night! All evening my daughter walked around proudly, "I'm Georgia! I'm a quarter! I'm a Georgia Quarter!!"

This is a fun, extremely simple, and a very original costume especially if you have a child with a "state" name such as: Virginia, Georgia, Dakota, Arkansas (hey, it could happen!) Heck, get enough "state-named" kids together for a costume party and you might even end up with change for a dollar.

Have fun creating your own Halloween image!

Total Spent: $10

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Coin Costume Halloween Image

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