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Top 10 Creative Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

By Elad

February 05, 2017

You don’t need a costume to prove your love to the world. But, if you did, you would need these awesomely creative Halloween costume ideas for couples!

Two are better than one in this complication of  top 10 Halloween costume ideas for couples. Take a look and find inspiration to make your own fantastic creation!


1. Last-Minute Halloween Couple Costume: Bob Ross and his Happy Little Tree

If you’re in your 30’s or 40’s like Monica from Pittsburgh, PA, you must know Bob Ross. As a tribute to Bob Ross she created this Bob Ross and his Happy Little Tree costume.


2. Coolest NY Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign Couple Costume

Joshua from New York and his friend Jesse got the idea while walking around NYC and trying to think of something that would be instantly recognizable, but also flashy and would work perfectly for the 2 of them. This Homemade NY Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign Couple Costume is awesome.


3. Gotye and Kimbra – Coolest Couples Costume

Amanda from Pittsburgh, PA created this awesome Gotye and Kimbra costume for her and her partner.


4. American Gothic Painting Halloween Costume

Kimberly from Huntsville, AL found this free Halloween costume idea on this website! Take a look at her cool American Gothic Painting Halloween Costume.


5. Coolest Day of the Dead Couple Costume

Mara from Winston-Salem, NC created this Dead Couple Costume for her and her boyfriend. She had a great time making it and this is what came out! Awesome.


6. Coolest Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Couple Halloween Costume

Alyson’s mother in law from West Allis, WI actually made this Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head couple Halloween costume. A job well done!


7. Transforming Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Last Halloween Amelia from Chicago, IL and her boyfriend decided to go as cops and robbers for Halloween, but with a twist! Instead of normal cops and robbers, they were Transformers!


8. Original Andy Warhol and Campbell’s Soup Can Couples Costume

This original Campbells Soup Can Couples costume created by Matthew from Montreal, Canada is amazing.


9. Coolest Roy Lichenstein’s Pop Art Couple Costume

After days of brainstorming, Allana’s boyfriend from NYC, New York finally came up with the idea of a Homemade Roy Lichenstein’s Pop Art Couple Costume and little did they know it was right in front of them!


10. Coolest Mona Lisa and Leonardo Costume

Jenny from Provo, UT thought about how everyone wants to see the Mona Lisa in far away France, so she created this amazing Mona Lisa and Leonardo Costume.