I wanted a homemade costume that was out of the norm and for some reason Gumby popped into my head.

I decided I had to make pants and a top so I could walk around. I had a big roll of thin foam (used for making duck decoys) that was given to me. I found some pictures and kinda eyeballed the shape and drew it on the foam and cut it out. I then made a 12inch strip long enough to go around the top. I put hot glue on the thin edges of the sides and that held it in place. When it had cooled I had to basically climb inside and put a lot more hot glue on the corner seams to make it sturdy. I didn’t want it blowing apart when started moving around. I little while and a bunch of hot glue later I had the top together. I made shoulder straps inside with more foam and hot glue.

The pants were pretty much the same with flared sides. They didn’t need straps because they rested on my shoes and walking wasn’t too bad. There was no sitting while I was in this costume.

The hands are like mittens, just glued around the edges.

I spray painted the Gumby costume and some old tennis shoes green, smeared make-up on my face, put on a long sleeved green shirt and there you go.