I made this costume for one of our zombie-themed school event. The inspiration of costume is the idea of a little girl being unsuccessfully dissected and turned into a zombie and started to scare people who’ve done it to her. Because of my wide imagination, I did initialized how to make such props and come up with an idea of using a rubber sheet formed into a stomach and then mached with tissue paper and glue. Painted with oil paints (red, black, and green) added with petroleum jelly for the shiny and slimy texture and red food coloring for the blood effect.

For the face, I mached tissue paper with glue, added a 12 inches open zipper and matted with concealer  (added some eye shadows for shading purposes). There are a lot of instructional videos around that you can browse in the internet so there will be no problem about that.

I’m so happy on how it did turned out so effectively that little children would run away from me. The funny part of making such costume is that people would stare me with a disturbed face. I also made different versions of my costume such as school girl and the one with evil wings. It was so convenient that I could use this “stomach” prop in different looks.

I hope you liked my homemade costume.  For more questions you can comment below.