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Cool Grinch Costume Ideas

I have been a huge fan of The Grinch ever since I was young. I am very creative by nature so naturally I love hair and makeup. I have been obsessed with the costume design and makeup in the movie “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”. I remember wondering how long it took them to do Jim Carey’s makeup everyday on set . I decided that this year I wanted to recreate that look for my Halloween costume.


I started two months prior to Halloween. I purchased a prosthetic latex face from I purchased a yard of green faux fur from Amazon. I cut out pants and hand sewed the grinch pants.

I then bought dishwashing gloves and sewed fur onto the gloves in the shape of hands. I stuffed the fingers with cotton and sewed around to make the fingers long and Grinch like.

I then sewed fur all around a pair of my running sneakers to create the effect of Grinch feet. I borrowed the Santa suit from a relative.When Halloween night came, I did the makeup myself and glued the fallen fur from making my pants to my face and eyebrows.

I had a lot of fun making this Grinch costume and was super happy with how it turned out.


Coolest Grinch Costume

My daughter’s school has a themed Halloween. This year it was Dr. Seuss or Alice in Wonderland. We decided to take on the challenge of Dr. Seuss classic Grinch costume.

  • Coolest Grinch Costume
  • Coolest Grinch Costume
  • Coolest Grinch Costume

The pants are green leggings with green crochet yarn fabric glued to the pants. The top is a long sleeve red shirt with white faux fur trim glued around the neck and wrists. I bought gloves and glued long pieces of the yarn to them so it would resemble the thin slinky look of the Grinch’s fingers.

I bought a hat for 99 cents and made the booties out of red felt and glued white pom poms around the tops and at the tip. I painted my daughter’s hair green before putting on the hat and used a Halloween makeup kit with green, black, and white paint in it for the face. I also bought yellow face paint and put it around her eyes since she is way too young for yellow contacts.

At her school contest she won 1st place for her grade level (1st grade) and Grand Prize for best costume in the whole school. When she went on stage she said “I’m not here to steal your gifts, I’m here to take 1st place”. Needless to say she won the whole thing and I couldn’t be prouder of my Mikayla (7 years old).

Heartwarming Grinch and Cindy Lou Who Costumes

Everyone wanted their pictures taken with us this Halloween! My husband is notorious for being the original “Grinch”! Every Christmas he wears a Grinch Costume - his red Grinch shirt and his green Grinch hat, complete with tassels. It was an obvious choice for us to be the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who this year! Everywhere we went, my Grinch would strut his stuff, parading around the room and captivating his audience with his devious Grinch-like behavior! His voice was a perfect match to the Grinch as well!

  • Heartwarming Grinch and Cindy Lou Who Costumes
  • Heartwarming Grinch and Cindy Lou Who Costumes
  • Heartwarming Grinch and Cindy Lou Who Costumes
  • Heartwarming Grinch and Cindy Lou Who Costumes

Grinch Costume Instructions

  • For his Grinch costume, I bought Mongolian sheep fabric in the olive green color.
  • We traced a pair of his blue jeans for the bottoms, making them wide at the top for his bigger belly! I made them come up to his chest so that when he lifted his Santa coat to show everyone, his green hairy body with his plump belly (a pillow) looked like it was the real Grinch!
  • Suspenders were used to hold the bottoms up.
  • I cut a red sweatshirt down the middle in the front to give him more belly room.
  • I used four inch fur and sewed it down the middle, connecting the two front edges of the sweatshirt. I also used the fur around the wrist cuffs and the around the bottom.
  • I sewed a fur trim around the neckline as well.
  • For the gloves, we traced his hands and I sewed them leaving the ends off the fingertips un-sewn to allow for the fur to pull through easier. Make the fingers a little larger to allow for the extra space the fur itself uses.
  • We took a Santa hat and I sewed a cowl into it to border his face and cover his neck.
  • We tucked it into his Santa coat, pulling a little green fur over the edges of the coat to make it look natural.
  • We bought elf shoes and he cut out a harder sole from a pair of slippers and glued it to the bottom of the elf shoes for more durability, trimming off the excess.
  • He wore a mask and used face paint to cover the exposed areas of skin. Yes, he had to shave off his beard!
  • We glued  little bunches of the olive green fur on the mask for eyebrows.
  • I used the left over fur to trim the cape I made for myself.

Cindy Lou Who Costume Instructions

  • My costume was a black and white checkered dress, a wig that I put bows on, and red tights with white lace ankle socks. 
  • I had black pumps for my shoes and added two red bows to the backs to dress them up a little.
  • I bought red material and cut a circle using a string and marker, just as I do when making Christmas tree skirts.
  • I tied the marker to one end, held the other end in the circle center, and traced the perimeter of the circle while keeping the string tight.
  • I cut the large circle out.
  • I placed a bowl upside down in the center of the circle and traced around the bowl for the neck of my cape.
  • For the cape opening, I drew a straight line radius up to the center on my large circle and cut up the line and around my neckline circle.
  • Next, I sewed red binding around all the edges of my cape saving the neckline for last.
  • On the neckline, I left about eight inches on both ends to attach the two white pom-poms.
  • I took the leftover four inch wide white fur I used for my husband’s Grinch costume and cut it in half giving me two inch wide fur.
  • I sewed it along the bottom of my cape and around my neckline.
  • I attached the pom-poms to the ends of the binding.
  • I criss-crossed the binding where it leaves the neckline and sewed it together so I wouldn’t need to tie it.
  • It easily fit over my head to put it on.
  • Finally, I added a matching bow to the neckline,
  • I used red lipstick on my lips and to make my cheeks rosy.

And there I was, Cindy Lou Who!

I work in the Mortgage department of a bank, and some of us dressed in our costumes for work on Halloween. I love to sew, and I wish I had more time to do it. Being born with just a left hand, I’m so grateful to my parents who encouraged me when I was younger. I really had fun making these costumes and our Halloween weekend was a blast!

We actually won first place at our local Eagles club where there were over a hundred costumes in competition! We even had someone ask us to come to their home on December 21st as the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who.

My husband played the part of the Grinch perfectly. I don’t think we even had that many pictures of us taken the day we got married! He plans on dressing as the Grinch once again on Christmas day by riding his Harley through the streets of Warren spreading his Christmas bah-humbug!


The Grinch that Stole Halloween Costume Idea for a Child

My son has always been creative in his choice for Halloween costumes…thinking if he can think it mommy can buy it/make it for him. As well from the age of 1.5 years his most favourite movie ever was The Grinch that Stole Christmas (the Jim Carrey version) so not surprisingly he wanted to be the Grinch when he was 5 years old. Of course, I had no luck finding a store bought costume so, here we go. Gonna make a Grinch Costume.

  • The Grinch that Stole Halloween Costume Idea for a Child
  • The Grinch that Stole Halloween Costume Idea for a Child
  • The Grinch that Stole Halloween Costume Idea for a Child

The hardest part was finding the fun fur in the right colour. Luckily I have an aunt who glories in finding the unfindable! So she was able to order a bolt online so unfortunately this was not a very cheap costume but very cute.

I made pants and a hood with the green fun fur. As well, I sewed pieces on the back of some lime green magic gloves so he would have hairy hands (which was great for the cold halloween night). Then I made a Santa Claus coat and hat and made some elf style boots to attach over an old pair of running shoes.

Everyone loved the costume including my son. Unfortunately due to the fact that he has extremely sensitive skin we weren’t able to finish it off with the make-up to really do the costume right, but it was still super cute!

The Grinch (Teacher) Loves to Go to School

Every year I wear this Grinch costume to school and I have my students dress up like the Whos. In September students young and old started asking me if I am going to wear my costume this year! It has become a tradition at our school.

  • The Grinch (Teacher) Loves to Go to School
  • The Grinch (Teacher) Loves to Go to School
  • The Grinch (Teacher) Loves to Go to School
  • The Grinch (Teacher) Loves to Go to School
  • The Grinch (Teacher) Loves to Go to School

A few years ago I bought three rugs. I sat down on my floor and I began to cut out a costume. I didn’t mark anything I just started cutting shapes. Then I took a spool of thread and a needle and I sewed the green rug pieces by hand as I don’t have a sewing machine.  The Santa jacket and hat is not homemade.

After the first year of wearing the green fur costume a parent asked if she could take the Grinch legs home to sew with her machine.  My hand sewn legs weren’t very straight I guess.

This year I added the funny pointed to shoes. They were a hit!  I needed a better belt for next year as the Grinch ate too many chocolates this past year!

I love wearing my costume and putting smiles on our students faces. When I wear this costume my students pay great attention to me all day. Maybe they aren’t really paying attention, I think they might just be staring at me shocked that their teacher paints her face and wears the costume all day long.

The best part about this costume is that school spirit grows along with our students confidence levels. Kids become more confident about wearing costumes and make creative items to wear to participate on Spirit Days. They are not worried about what others think or have to say. They dress up on Spirit Days and feel a part of something special. They develop confidence and sense of being unique. They learn to express themselves and they have fun sharing in the emotion and magic of the day.

Three rugs, a needle and thread…have brought smiles to the students, staff and visitors at our school for years and will continue to do so. Enjoy making your own Grinch Costume!

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