This year my son wanted to be Jack Skellington from Nightmare before Christmas.  For his costume I bought super cheap ($1.50 yard) black and white striped fabric.  I sewed simple elastic pants and then used a jacket as a pattern to make his coat, adding the tails and lapels.  His bow tie is hot glue, black fabric, pipe cleaners and white paint.  I used face paint to paint his face and then topped it off with a Santa hat we had laying around.

For my Sally dress I went to the thrift store and purchased clothes in the colors I wanted and lucked out on finding black boots for super cheap.  I pieced the fabric together to make the pattern for Sally’s dress and then sewed a simple a-line dress with a couple darts.  After it was sewed I went back in with a sharpie to add the pattern and black embroidery thread to add the stitches.  I used tights on my arms and legs and black sharpie to add the stitches.  Face paint and blue eyeshadow completed the look.