Every year Halloween just sneaks up on me. I plan and plan and plan, and somehow I am always scrambling to finish my costume..”just in time”.  Three years ago, I was dating someone who I felt would make the perfect Edward Scissorhands, he agreed to the costume and the planning began. I wanted to make this a couples costume but didn’t want to just be the daughter in the movie. I decided to go one step further and be a bush.

At first, it seemed very comical and intimidating at the same time. I went to a craft store after craft store and collected as many fake branches as I could. Once I had wiped out all the branches at the stores I began the creation. I went to the fabric store and purchased some dark green fabric and an elastic band. With that I made a simple skirt. I also found an old bodice that I had and used that as my foundation. Then I started sewing branch after branch to my foundation, until I had created the ultimate bush.  I added fake eyelashes, green paint and I was ready to go! I also made the Edward Scissor hand costume and did the face paint for my boyfriend.

Everyone loved our costumes!! It was a great night and I hope to one day bring back the bush.