2011 = Circus people!

I really can’t tell you where everyone’s costumes came from other than being pieced together from older costumes, thrifting, and regular halloween/craft stores. (i.e. my bearded woman was Malice in Wonderland…then Gwen Stefani…now a bearded lady..the rest of the stuff I owned).

Not to sound boastful but we really decided to do this circus group costume within a week, I think…when you spend so much time with the same people I think we have an uncanny way of “knowing” what’s going to work. We didn’t/don’t really sit and “plan” these out other than what character each person is going to do. It’s part of the fun…it’s a surprise for us too when we first see each other. The other part of the fun is that everyone stays in character ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

Best night.