I had the idea one night to be a Garbage Pail Kid for Halloween.  I called my best friend to ask her if she wanted in on the idea and the next thing I know there were six of us that were going as GPK’s.  Each person was responsible for finding their costume clothing and I took care of creating the GPK card for each person along with special props. I was lucky enough to score two very large pieces of cardboard from a rolling steel door which I cut up accordingly.

I bought inexpensive acrylic paints from the craft store after each person picked their character.  We had come up with Zipped Kip, Waxy Wendy, Handy Andy, Stuffed Stephen, Glandular Angela and I was Stormy Heather.  All of the cards were free-handed and took approx. 3 hours each.  They were fitted with thin wooden strips in the shape of an + on the back so they wouldn’t flop over.  The straps were attached with washers so the holes didn’t tear the cardboard.  I tried to make sure all of the details were painted on the cards including the “Peel Here”, sticker line and card number.  There were a few errors along the way, which was inevitable since I was making them late at night after work.

Waxy Wendy’s card has a misspelling and Stuffed Stephens card has the wrong paint coloring in the logo letters. Our faces were created with Halloween face paint from my local Halloween store.  I made everyone’s eyes look extra cartoonish by hiding all of our eyebrows and making huge eyes over our eyelids.  We were photographed throughout the night with our shut for full effect.  We ended up winning “Best Group” at the Halloween contest we entered and made quite the entrance every place we went.

The costumes were a HUGE success and everyone loved them!