I made this great Ghostbuster costume from things around the house for my son. It took about a week. starting with a large cardboard box, attaching things from garage and house..such as a tissue box, water bottles, nuts, bolts, plastic rings. I spray painted the entire box black and then embellished with stickers, Christmas lights, added a spray painted toy gun ( that lights up and makes noise) attached to a shop vac hose. The pack was a hit, everyone thought it was engineered when really it was hot glue, Christmas lights and spray paint ( and a lot of time!)

Then we bought a grey workers suit and I made a venkman name tag with a piece of canvas belt and spray paint and puffy paint for the name. I added ghostbuster logo on arms, that I printed online then laminated and sewed on costume. The goggles were welding glasses with glue sticks spray painted black and glued on. The elbow pads were old knee pads spray painted black. We also crafted a ghost trap, added a walkie talkie and a utility belt.

We competed everything with an iPod nano and speaker in his pocket that played the ghostbuster song on a loop. This was so much fun to create and my son loved it. We were stopped all night long! He even won 1st place at our mall.