I made a great Edward Scissorhands costume.The wig was made from a Gothic/EMO style black wig. I added some longer hair with hair extensions black bond. (Edward’s hair is not very even). The inner leather jacket, was made with a black leather purse. It was cut in pieces that I sewed on a long sleeves black Lycra t-shirt. I added some buckles and belts with the same leather (of the purse).

For the makeup, I first used a glue stick sealed with flesh tone powders, to hide my eyebrows. The scars were made with Mehron molding wax using spirit gum to help to stick to the skin. Using the lighter skin tone foundation (never use white!!! Edward is not white). I got, and sealed with a very light powder. I used some clear and dark brown shadows for the eyes expression. And a purple shadow to add more depth to the expression (on the eye brows, on my cheeks and for the lips too), also I used black contact lenses since my eyes are very light brown.

For the scissors I used a very light wood (used in model planes), I cut as close as possible to the movie’s pattern. With a power tool I made some “sharp” to add the illusion of a knife shape. The wood was painted with chrome spray. I used some pipe metal clamps to fix the scissors to a motorcycle, black leather gloves. Added some metal tape and wires..and that’s it. A regular black work boots..for the shoes.