For our Ginger and Gilligan costume – This was a really easy costume to put together. For my husband I got a simple long sleeve red shirt with a white collar and blue pants.  And of course, don’t forget the Gilligan hat. For Ginger, I bought a red wig and a long fancy gown. Ginger had shorter hair than I have in the pic, but I didn’t want to cut the wig.

Everyone immediately recognized who we were and loved this on us. This would be so fun to get more friends together and make the Skipper, Professor, Mary Ann and Mr/Mrs. Howell. We are actually going to go to the beach and take a pic with some props I bought, like a wooden boat steering wheel, a white life preserver ring with S.S. Minnow written on it, coconuts, etc. Brings me back to my childhood and the days when I watched Gilligan’s Island all the time.