I LOVE Halloween, you get to dress up and be anything you want and it really sparks creativity for everyone. This year I became a mom and realized it even gives you a unique way to bond. My 4 month old son is in “hot water” as he is a lobster, and I am the chef that just received my order for lobster so I got my pot about to put it on to boil. My husband is at his table finishing up his first plate of lobster, yes he has a bib on because he is such a messy eater.

We picked up the lobster at a thrift store and everything else was put together from things at the house. We spent a total of $25 on our costumes. The table is a piece of cardboard cut out to fit my husband and a piece of rope attached to hold it up with a tablecloth glued on. The apron, hat, pot, fork, knplate and plate was all things we had. When we went trick-or-treating we could hardly take 2 steps without being stopped for someone to take our picture which is exactly the reaction you want!