These Pink Flamingo Yard Ornaments all girl group costume were FUN costumes to create and to wear.  It was a little time consuming finding everything and trying to figure out how to make the beak but I really liked the end product.  The cost of the feather boas was pretty pricey but if you have coupons, its not too bad.

We wore pink shirts, pink tights, and a pink skirt.  I found everything at Goodwill.  We bought 3 pink feather boas each and used safety pins to pin the boas in place onto our clothing.  I also found a pink feather clip that we wore in our hair.  We also had pink/black make up on as well.

For the beaks,  we molded the shape out of clay, let it dry, then wrapped it in newspaper and paper mache. This was a bit time consuming because we had to make sure it was thick enough. It was pretty messy process too.  After they dried, we painted them with white, pink and black paint.  We punched 2 holes underneath to breath out of , and 2 holes on the sides and used elastic string to secure it to our head.

Our costumes were a big hit at the bars.  Everyone loved it and wanted to take pictures with us.  We also took a few pictures in random peoples front yards, since we were lawn ornaments.  Our feathers did shed all night, so everywhere we went, we left feathers.