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Coolest Grease Costumes Ever

The movie “Grease” will never get old, and my boyfriend and I wanted to make sure we received the best costume when we went to a Halloween party in 2012.


How we Made Our Grease Costumes:

For Sandy:

It was actually quite a mission. I am a natural brunette, Italian, long hair.. and as far as a blue eyed Sandy as they get! I had my sister (who is a hairstylist) put in blonde extension pieces, curl each part of my head and pin up my long dark hair into a short high curly do. It took her over an hour just to place each of the bobby pins into place so my hair would look short and curly.

The out fit was a bit more simple. I went to Salvation Army and found a black cheap top with a white neck line to lay on my shoulders. I had old shiny, tight, skinny pants from an old costume. I used a simple black belt around my waist and had old red shoes I literally cut the backs off of just to make it look like Sandy’s red backless shoes. (Don’t worry, they were old… I’d advise not doing that to expensive shoes!)

I put some red lipstick on, black eyeliner and of course a cigarette in hand.

For my Danny:

My boyfriend was a great sport about this costume. Most men hate dressing up for Halloween but he did an awesome job and made an awesome Danny.

For the Danny costume: We got him a white plain T-shirt, for the jacket he borrowed one from his dad and we had his aunt actually paste on letters in white that said,”T BIRDS” (It looked great!) He wore black slacks, and borrowed his dads old penny loafers with white socks. We slicked his hair back and had him put a cigarette in his ear, with a comb in his pocket.

This costume was very affordable and worth all the little details. It’s a very cute idea for anyone. Like I said, I didn’t necessarily look the part, but it came out cute. The reactions we received were great, everyone enjoyed it and kept singing and playing Grease songs half the night! Enjoy making your own Grease Costumes.

Cool Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume

One of my favorite movies of all time is Grease!  The 50’s are my favorite decade and this was my year to dress up as my favorite character from Grease, Sandy! I wanted to make a statement so I chose “bad” Sandy from the end of the movie. I got a lot of fantastic reactions and compliments.  Favorite moment – when the DJ played a Grease medley. I loved playing the part and getting to dance around to the best songs of Grease! A few people came up to dance with me! This costume was very fun and simple.  Too bad I couldn’t find someone to be my Danny!

  • Cool Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume
  • Cool Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume
  • Cool Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume
  • Cool Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume

This was a very simple outfit to put together.  I started at a thrift shop and found some decently comfortable wedges.  I gave them a few heavy coats of red spray paint and I think they turned out awesome! (For nights that I knew I would be walking around a ton and didn’t want to walk in heels, I wore a version of red KEDS.)  I borrowed a black leather jacket and black stretchy belt with a buckle from a friend. I cut up one of my black t-shirts to make the off the shoulder shirt. To do this I put the plain t-shirt on and marked where I wanted the sleeves to hit and just cut across the top with a scissors. I bought a pair of faux leather leggings from Wet Seal and tucked in my off the shoulder shirt into the leggings. The belt was placed just right to hide where I had tucked in my shirt.

To finish off the look I did my eye make up pretty dark with lots of mascara and of course, those bright red lips! (I wish I had gone a little heavier on the blush to match Olivia Newton-John’s make up in the movie.  I already had a somewhat large pair of hoops that I wore. I painted my nails red and curled small sections of my hair.  Every pieces of hair should be curled! Hairspray was very important for this look, I used as much as I could. The only thing left to do was pin a small piece up behind my ear, so people could see the cigarette I had behind my ear as well.

Grease’s Sandy Costume for a Girl

My daughter had no idea who she was going to be. One night we were watching Grease on ABC Family. She loved the songs. About a month later I woke her up from school and she was singing “Tell me more, tell me more from Grease”. So I knew at that point she had to be Sandy! So I started searching Grease Costumes online.

  • Grease’s Sandy Costume for a Girl

The items were easy to find. I got everything at just a random store. I got the jacket at JcPenny’s and then had a friend paint on the “t-birds” sign. Everywhere we went, everyone loved her costume.

Cute Homemade Greaser Baby Costume

We love dressing up for Halloween. My 15 month old son has a ton of hair so I wanted a costume that would show it off. My husband and I decided on a greaser, you know, like Danny Zuko from Grease or my fav, Wade Walker from Cry-Baby. 

  • Cute Homemade Greaser Baby Costume
  • Cute Homemade Greaser Baby Costume
  • Cute Homemade Greaser Baby Costume

Sounds easy, or so I thought, all I needed for a Greaser baby costume was a pair of jeans, black shoes, white tee and a sweet pompadour hairstyle. I could even find a little leather jacket and a pair of glasses. Of course we waited till the last minute and realized we didn’t have everything we needed, we used a pair of jeans and converse shoes he already had.

I ordered a leather jacket on eBay that ended up being way too big, luckily a friend had one saved from her son that we borrowed, but we couldn’t find a short sleeve plain white tee that would fit my son or a pair of glasses that would stay on his face. He may be 15 months but he still wears 9-12 month clothes plus all the stores were stocked for winter. I ended up buying a white long sleeve, cut the sleeves and rolled them. I couldn’t find a pair of black glasses that would fit his little face. He had two pairs from the summer but one was brown and the other orange. I almost spray painted his brown ones, but we had an idea. Maybe we could find some that go on a doll. We stopped by Build a Bear workshop and there they were.

Then came the “fun” part, trying to make a pompadour on a one year old. It was pretty funny, we had to check out some youtube videos first and give my son a lollipop to keep him still. We used a styling wax that worked really well but took about 100 washes to get out, haha. In the end his costume turned out just the way we envisioned. And to top it off, a friend of ours gave us their son’s old hot-rod stroller. How perfect was that timing? Hope you like our little Greaser’s costume.

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