My oldest daughter, who is 9 years old, loves peacocks. So it was no surprise when she told me that she wanted to be a peacock for Halloween this year. I began looking on Etsy and online for peacock costumes, but I was disappointed with what I found. Everything that I found that looked cool was way beyond my budget. So I decided to make her costume, being the creative woman I am. She already had navy blue leggings and long sleeved t-shirt and dangly peacock earrings (of course!), so I just needed some fabulous peacock wings, a headpiece, and a few other accessories to give the costume extra pizazz.

I started out making her a tutu skirt out of strips of tulle that I bought from Joann Fabric Store for a few dollars, and used some fabric I already had to wrap around the elastic waist. I used brown, royal blue, purple, turquoise, and teal tulle. I found some gorgeous navy blue glitter flats from Gymboree, and I bought those on sale for about $15. Then I ordered 50 12-15 inch peacock feathers from, and paid around $30. I cut a few of the feathers carefully around the “eye” of the feather, and glued those on top of the shoes and added a pretty rhinestone button, and also made a pin and some bracelets that also used the sequin elastic trim that was on the wings.

For the peacock wings. I used some leftover fabric (the same used for the waist of the tulle skirt) to wrap around a heart shape that I had cut out of some plastic I had in the storage room. Then I made another heart exactly the same as the first. Then came the fun part of hot gluing all of the feathers in a fan shape around one of the hearts. This was a little time consuming, but looked beautiful when done. After the feathers were all attached, I cut out a scrap piece of batting in a heart shape to provide cushion between the feathers and the second heart.  I wanted the straps to be pretty, comfortable, and strong, and I found some sequin elastic trim at Joann that was perfect! After laying the trim over my daughters shoulders to eye the length, I cut two equal pieces, stitched the ends together and also to the batting, and hot glued them for extra assurance. Then I hot glued the second heart on top so that it was finished on both sides and the straps and feathers were sandwiched in the middle.

The finishing touch was the head piece, using the last piece of the sequin elastic trim, and peacock “eyes” gently hot glued on to felt for stability. I used a long teal feather that I already had in my craft supplies in the middle of the eyes, and then glued another piece of felt behind the all of the feathers and where I had sewn the ends of the trim together.

My daughter was very excited to wear the costume, and I felt very proud of myself for making it for less than $50. We received so many compliments for her costume! Now the issue I’m trying to figure out is where to store the wings.