This was an inexpensive costume idea. I really wanted to have my kids do a book theme and was having a hard time getting them to agreed on something. My son brought home a goosebumps book from school and I knew they would love this. It’s creepy but at the same time harmless. I bought 2 cardboards from the dollar tree and used the water paints I had at home to create the cover. I simply followed what the covers looked like on the books and started designing. The process for just the cover took me a week but I am a mom of three and have little time to myself. I really wanted to use colors that would pop out at you so I didn’t use the same colors as the book I was making my children but as long as the rest looks like the cover then people will know what they are looking at. This is the most important part people being able to know what they are looking at. If you dont have much money pay attention to which charater you are trying to make your child. I didnt jave enougn money to buy a skeleton outfit so i picked a book where the character had a normal outfit on but their face was a creepy charater. This is another great thing about the goosebumps books many of their charaters have regular outfits but theor face is creepy. This saves you money. We used very heavy duty velcro on the back side of the board as a belt to go around the children so that they didn’t have to hold it up the whole time. There are many other ways to hold it up on them you can always use your imagination to figure out what’s best for your child. I also used an exacto knife to cut out the middle. Next I created their shirts. I bought 2 long sleeved shirts from Walmart for $5 each. I choose long sleeved because where we live it gets very chilly at night. I also grabbed 2 different colored small bottles of fabric paint to create a design on their shirts. The fabric paint only cost me a $1 apiece. I let those dry over night. Next I styled their hair and choose a hair coloring spray that would really stand out with their character. Once that dried I started to do their face. If you are not very artistic simply go to youtube and look up tutorials on how to paint a face. For example type: PUMPKIN FACE MAKEUP TUTORIAL. Do not use the sampler face paints that come out every year. I made that mistake when doing my son who had a pumpkin face. The paint was very dry and clumpy and did not allow me to do alot of the details I wanted too. I recommend the single color paints by fun world cream to powder. This makeup was very smooth and went on the face like butter. They are $2 each and they also come out during halloween. My son who was the skeleton face I used black and white face paint. A large paint brush and a small angle brush. This makeup took me about a hour to a hour and a half. My son with the pumpkin face I used orange, black and yellow face paint and I used the same brushes on his face as well plus a small fine tipped one. i hope you love this idea as much as we did and still do :) we got comments like BEST COSTUME EVER… THIS TOPS ALL OF THE COSTUMES IVE EVER SEEN. we got so much attention from these costumes. So just have fun with it and look up the many different types of goosebumps there are out there and I know your halloween will be one you wont forget with these costumes :)