This was my Flo the Progressive girl costume from last year! I had such a fun time being her. I found the white pants and polo at a thrift store, real cheap.  Do you know how hard it is to find white pants?! Then I ordered the apron, buttons, and name tag online, mostly on eBay, it wasn’t too expensive! Then I had to do a little hunting for the right color wig (Spirit Halloween store), lipstick color (target), headband (Walmart), and bump-it of course (Target as well)!

Flo is such a fun perky character! She’s witty and quirky.  Its important to remember when you are wearing a Flo costume you have to have the attitude and personality to match it.  Is there ever a commercial with her sad and boring?! No!! Smile, quote some lines she says in her commercials (there’s acutally an app for that on Android with quotes she says and have fun with it!