My name is Lucy, I had no clue on what I was going to be for Halloween, until I stumbled upon a model who was dressed as a phoenix (she had barely anything on). I wanted to be something that was going to catch peoples eyes, spark interest. I wanted it to be out there, because I was going to enter the local contest. My first long and frustrating step was to find out how to make wings. From wire and feathers, to cardboard and fabric, I ended up finding amazing showstopping GOLD Isis belly dancing wings made out of lame fabric.

My second disastrous step was finding what to wear, my first stab at it was a simple tank and skirt with feathers glued all over, although that wasn’t enough and it was costly $$$. I thought a red dress would be perfect for the phoenix costume, yet I could not find a red, black, gold, orange, or even yellow dress that would fit the costume, so I opted for a simple black skirt and bought some sheer red fabric. I sewed the fabric around the skirt and with the leftovers I made a tale for myself. I used a black bandeau and a black tank for the top- although it wasn’t going to be as eye catching as the red dress- it would have to suffice.

For my accessories I chose to wear gold wing earnings, 2 thick gold bracelets on my wrists, dark brown high heel pumps, and I glued red feathers down both my arms with skin adhesive, and decided to glue feathers and gems to my face like a mask, and did some crazy eye makeup. I was so stressed out about my costume not coming together but in the end I looked amazing! I came so close to winning the local costume contest, and was just happy to get all those cheers!! I freaked a couple people out from my eye makeup, and others thought it was amazing, and creative.

Everyone loved the wings, they couldn’t get enough of them! After all that hard work that I put into my costume, it was all worth it from all the positive feedback I got. Hope you enjoy the pictures, and all my girls look great in them as well! Thanks.