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Top 10 Coolest DIY Girl Halloween Costumes for Under $20

By Elad

February 05, 2017

All of the homemade girl Halloween costumes in this collection were constructed for less than $20. Whether you’re on a tight budget or just refuse to spend a fortune on a costume, these costumes will give you some ideas for awesome homemade costumes. So, please, don’t break the bank, or your child’s trust fund! Instead have a look at the fantastic collection below:



1. Creative Homemade Peacock Princess Costume for a Girl

Berlin’s peacock costume is a great example of transforming an old costume into a new – and even better – one. As a result, Berlin made this Homemade Peacock Princess Costume without damaging her family’s budget.


2. Inexpensive Rubik’s Cube Costume

Although this Rubik’s Cube costume took Elise from New Hampshire a lot of time and patience, it was completely constructed with items around the house.


3. Coolest Sushi Roll Girl Costume!

Brittani’s daughter’s from CA loves sushi. Therefore, she just had to create this awesome Homemade Sushi Roll Costume.


4. Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Costume

Would you believe that the base of this costume is a small round laundry basket covered in poster board!? This Hot Chocolate Halloween costume was created by Kimberly from Oxford, NY.


5. Cool Girl Halloween Costumes: Insect Edition

Stefanie from Olympia, WA made these Butterfly and Ladybug Halloween costumes together with her 4 year old daughters! While they mostly decorated the wings, the overall look is just adorable.


6. Coolest Elemental Creeper Costume from Minecraft

This is one of the cheapest, yet coolest, girl Halloween costumes you can imagine… and it was all thanks to Home Depot. Heidi from Las Cruces, NM made this Elemental Creeper Costume costume out of two cardboard boxes.


7. Coolest Homemade Bunch of Grapes Halloween Costume

This Bunch of Grapes Halloween costume was the easiest and cheapest Liana from Athens, Ohio ever made. Best of all, it only took her about half an hour to make.


8. Coolest Homemade Lemonade Stand Costume

At first, Wendy from New Jersey didn’t really know what sort of “lemon” had been tossed at her when her daughter asked to be a Lemonade Stand. But, after setting her imagination loose, Wendy created this costume at nearly no cost and even got the family dog in on the fun.


9. Coolest Popcorn Costume Made by an 11 Year Old Girl!

This Popcorn costume was entirely made by Tracey’s 11 year old daughter from Smithville. Seems like one of the most truly creative girl Halloween costumes we’ve seen!


10. Coolest Dalmatian Puppy Costume

As a first homemade costume attempt, the result barks for itself. This will probably not be Liana’s friom Ocala, FL, last costume! Go ahead and take a look at her Dalmation Puppy costume.