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Coolest Ghostbusters Costume Ideas

Ghostbusters costume ideas are fun and have become ever-so-popular since the movie was released in 1985. Apart from the traditional Ghostbusters costumes with uniform and proton pack, you'll also find that Stay Puft Marshmallow man, Slimer and even Vinz Clortho are popular choices when it comes to costume making. Below you'll find just a few of the many cool Ghostbuster costumes on this site.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Baby

Coolest Ghostbusters Costume

From the moment my daughter April cracked her first smile — a wide, brilliant grin like the shape of a capital D on its side – I had a vision. She was only 10 weeks old at the time, and Halloween was over four months away, but that smile (not to mention April’s adorable baby-chubby legs and my affinity for cult films of the 80s) inspired me. In an instant, I decided upon her very first Halloween costume: the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man of Ghostbusters fame!

Coolest Ever Homemade Ghostbuster Costume: Project Ghosthead!

Coolest Ghostbusters Costume

In 2011 a co-worker decided to be create a costume for Halloween. He had one of those inflatable Proton Packs that he had bought online. Being a lifelong tinkerer, I decided to look into building something akin to ‘the real thing’, movie accurate (or at least mostly so). So I got online and started searching, what I found there was nothing less than incredible.

Homemade Slimer From Ghostbusters Costume

Coolest Ghostbusters Costume

I have wanted to make this Ghost Busters costume for a while and kept putting it off. So this year I decided to go for it, with only four days until Halloween and a budget of just £30. Firstly, to get the initial shape, I bent some garden wire to shape the mouth and attached this to the hardhat using cable ties. I made the mouth a little bit bigger so I can still have visibility when wearing the costume.

Vinz Clortho, Keymaster of Gozer

Coolest Ghostbusters Costume

I decided to do an original Ghost Busters costume this year. It’s Vinz Clortho, keymaster of Gozer, as portrayed by Rick Moranis in the original Ghostbusters film. In the film, Louis Tully is an accountant who is possessed by the demon dog Vinz Clortho. He is taken to the Ghostbusters’ headquarters, where a brain-scanning helmet is placed on his head to verify that he is in fact no longer human.

More Ghostbusters Costumes

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