Love the show, and thought the dress was gorgeous. I wanted to replicate it…So, for the Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Blue Dress Costume, I bought:

3 yards of sheer blue fabric with gold flower pattern
2 yards solid blue silk fabric for dress lining (so everything wasn’t see through!)
1 yard gold mesh like fabric
gold 2 inch thick braided ribbon-2 yards
gold, blue thread for sewing
colored beads
very thin wire for stringing the beads
1 long blond wig

I laid out the sheer material, folded it in half, cut a V in the middle and then stitched the sides of the dress together. I tied the tops where the shoulders go using the thread. I then made the belt by folding over the gold mesh fabric and sewing them together. I cut 5 inch pieces of gold ribbon and sewed them to the shoulders. I put the gold ribbon on the top and bottom of the belt. I cut a two inch tie at the tops of the solid fabric so I could tie them as an underskirt to the dress like a sarong. I strung the beads onto the wire and attached them to the belt. To put it together, I put on the underskirt, then the sheer dress, tied the belt on and braided the blond wig. I borrowed my daughter’s toy dragon as an added touch.

The whole costume cost about $80 including the wig…a little pricey, but I was pleased with the end result.