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Coolest Gameboy Costume

by Jodi
(Antwerp, Ohio)

A Live Gameboy Costume

A Live Gameboy Costume

My son loved playing his Gameboy so much that I was certain he would become a part of it. So we decided to put him into his game by making him a gameboy costume.

I started off with 2 computer boxes. I cut a hole in the front of one to make a screen. I took a black scarf and taped inside. I cut out shoulder holes on the sides and used an old pair of suspenders to hold it on my son. I then used the other box, which I had to cut down to the size of a pizza box because it was too heavy for him to hold otherwise.

I covered both boxes in grey duct tape and silver spray paint. I used a large hinge and attached to the inside of the head box and back of the bottom box with screws and added duct tape for support. I used plastic to add his favorite game to the front and foam for the controls.

As he was trick or treating people were commenting on both sides of the streets. He also won 1st prize in our local contest. It was real fun to make and watch. Hope you enjoy.

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by: francsico sandoval

thats cool

by: Anonymous

Great costume! I have a question. Where on the box did you cut the shoulder holes and how exactly did the straps go through it?
Thanks much

ur the coolest
by: Auntie Mic

your the coolest gameboy i've ever seen...

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Coolest Garbage Pail Kids Costumes

by Rebecca & Chris
(Leesburg, VA)

Homemade Garbage Pail Kids Costumes

Homemade Garbage Pail Kids Costumes

As a throwback to our 1980s childhood, we dressed up as some of our favorite Garbage Pail Kids -- Adam Bomb, Mixed-Up Mitch and Leakey Lindsey. The clothing was all sewn by hand using materials found at thrift stores & fabric.

The props were made from scratch from items picked up at Home Depot. The "bomb" was made from metal chicken wire covered in newspaper and wallpaper paste hand painted. The hair was glued by individual strand made from upholstery piping and dyed.

Most importantly, the heads were constructed starting with a plastic witch's cauldrin (available at party stores around Halloween time) and the faces were crafted by hand out of clay and then painted and glossed. They weighed 15 pounds each and were very difficult to walk around in!

The eyeholes were designed to be see through to allow visibility. For those of you who are wondering, these Garbage Pail Kids Costumes took about 6 weeks of labor to complete!

Comments for Coolest Garbage Pail Kids Costumes

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So Cool!
by: Shuffles

Those costumes are so AWESOME!!!!! You guys are incredible artists. You could make, like millions of dollars if you made these and sold them.

by: Amandalinn

By far, the coolest costumes ever!!

Whoa - scary!
by: Anonymous

Really creepy, too. By far the most clever costume I've ever seen. I can't wait to see what you come up with for this Halloween.

very unique
by: Ruth

How creative, it's amazing. Great job!

These are the best!!!
by: Ruth

OMG!! I remember these you guys did an amazing job, they're perfect!

I still have my cards!
by: Gloria

This is so cool. It reminded me that I still have my garbage pail cards. I love this costume guys! Great job.

just luv it
by: kat

love it always & still a fan of them costumes are great ya'll r so creative and awesome hope ya'll won

beyond awesome-ness
by: danielle

that is the most awesome costume! people would PAY you to make that for them!!

top the movie by far
by: Anonymous

these are so amazing... i came across pictures of the Garbage Pail Kids movie and the costumes in the movie are scary looking... these top that

by: Anonymous

I am so impressed with these costumes!! I wish I had the time and energy to do this. Excellent work!!!! I love it!!

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Coolest Jax-in-the-Box Costume 20

by Jackie
(Washington, DC)

Coolest Jax-in-the-Box Costume 20

Coolest Jax-in-the-Box Costume 20

My friends call me Jax so I decided to be a Jax-in-the-Box. I spray painted the box and used yellow paint pen to do the writing and details. I used felt and pom poms on a purple tee-shirt to create the top. I taped together pieces of yellow felt and cut a hole in the middle for my neck, and then cut around in waves in order to create the clown collar.

I hot-glued suspenders to the box to hold it up throughout the night. I used a wire hanger to make the crank on the side with a pom pom as the knob. I already had the rainbow tights but you could easily wear leggings or bright socks. It was really fun playing "pop goes the weasel" all night and popping out of my box!

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Coolest Paper Puppet Costume 03

by Erica F.
(Orange County, CA)

Homemade Paper Puppet Costume

Homemade Paper Puppet Costume

The Homemade Paper Puppet Costume came from this site but I made a couple changes. I made a frame of PVC and attached it to a backpack so that it held up the costume over my sons head.

I made the bag from rolls of brown craft paper. The eyes are take-out container covers with construction paper cutouts for a google effect. The nose is a cutout and a sieve glued on from the inside.

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Coolest Holt Hyde from Monster High Costume

by Erika
(Reading, PA)

Homemade Holt Hyde from Monster High Costume

Homemade Holt Hyde from Monster High Costume

Austin is Holt Hyde from the Monster High cartoon.
Since the manufacturers do not make the boy costumes, his Mom decided to make one for him. The entire Homemade Holt Hyde from Monster High Costume is made from clothing purchased at Goodwill then covered in colored duct tape.

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by: Eviliz

I think this is wonderful work. My daughter's favorite dolls are the Monster High, and she has a Holt Hyde in her collection (but not nearly as cute!)

I think it shows a lot of love when kids come to the door in a costume that is hand-made rather than store-bought. My happiest T.O.T memories as a kid were of being in costumes that my mom made.

Love it!

by: Juliet

WOW that is sooo good it looks like it was bought u are so creative!!!!

by: Lukey

Wow this costume reminds me so much of me going around on Halloween night trick or treating. My mother would always put in such a huge effort with my costume and its so sweet to see the imagination and love you put into this with your little one. Im 22 now and my mother still helps me with as much effort as always with my costume aha :) love it

Holt Hyde costume
by: Libra

How much would you charge to make another costume for my son. He is 7 years old and wears size 8. I really need help. My daughter is having a Monster High party in September 2015.

901 453 5415

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