Costume by Donna A., McKinney, TX

I decided to make this funny Halloween costume once I saw this material at Walmart for $1.00 a yard!

It took two and a half yards, scissors and a sewing machine to make this funny Halloween costume. First, I doubled the material and found the center. Then I made a homemade compass made of string and a pencil.

By keeping the pencil in the center for an anchor, I then placed a marker at the end of the string and traced the largest possible circle out of the material. I cut it out hand drawing the top where the face will come through.

I then pinned it on my son to decide where the arms and legs will come out and adjusted the top for his face. I then sewed it all up and inserted a piece of foam in the top to make it stand up. I then free handed the design from the photo on an actual whoopee cushion using a sharpie silver marker. Approx. time- 2 hours.