I was heading to “create” a costume for one of the biggest events in Germany: Carnival in Cologne. As a none-fan of bought costumes everyone else could buy/wear, this funny Halloween costume idea was just perfect to create.

I started gathering the required parts:

  • Fake teeth: Lucky find, cause they looks exactly like the teeth of Jon Heder
  • Old school glasses: Got them from grandpa. I just broke out the glasses and I was done.
  • Wig: The most difficult part of the costume. Finding a wig was not that hard, but cutting the hair into the perfect shape was heavy. The wig was initially an afro wig with a diameter of 18 inch.
  • Blank white shirt: I bought a simple blank white shirt and 2 color pens (red, black) and started blackening the collar and the sleeves. With Photoshop I’ve re-created the vote-for-Pedro shirt and printed the logo on a normal paper. After I’ve fixed the paper on the shirt, I drew the shapes (with hard pressing), so the color leaked through the paper on the shirt. Removed the paper, filled out the shapes and I was done with the shirt.
  • Boots: Lucky find again, my girlfriend had some.