Me and my best friend always try and be something funny. This year we went at fast food legends Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders. It was all home made within 1 night

Ronald’s body was made out of a coverall from Home Depot with the arms and half the legs cut off and then spray painted yellow. The red zipper and fake pockets is made from red masking tape. The shirt was an old white shirt I had and I wrapped the red tape around it to make stripes. The M emblem was painted on.
The socks, shoes, and wig was purchased from the Halloween store, and the gloves were yellow cleaning gloves from the dollar store. The makeup was also purchased from the Halloween store. I applied the white all over my face, drew an outline of the mouth and nose in black eyeliner and filled it in with the red. After I set the white with baby powder to give it a matte finish.

Colonel Sanders suit was an old white button down suit. Black ribbon from the fabric store for the tie. The wig, mustache, and glasses was all purchased from the Halloween store. Of course, you can’t forget the KFC bucket prop.

Everyone was laughing and we won best costume!