Kaiah is a 5 year old rescue dog we refer to her as a little horse, so I turned her into carousel horse. She does like her bling and chasing  new horse tail. Kaiah is used to dressing up and meeting kids while in costume, and we always dress up in coordinating outfits. The most challenging part was securing doll while she hunted lizards which was achieved by sewing doll on to saddle with fishing line. Most people where surprised by the pole and a few misguided folks thought she was a unicorn, hey, aren’t they white? That is why I created a rag doll rider with embroidered face from embroidery library. Kaiah won first prize at pet supermarket in lake worth Florida.

1) Basic black dog coat  pattern from internet  with hood, cover with lots of jewels glued with good glue, I use Alene’s tacky glue.

2) Main & tail is made of yarn sewn  onto dog coat .

3) Add  ears, triangles with pink paint out of same black as dog coat stuffed and sewn into place.

4) Saddle is 3 pieces of scrap faux leather sewn to make seat and strap with  Velcro closure. Saddle is stitched to blanket, piece of scrap satin, which is also stitched to costume with fishing line. Strap goes around dog to hold up to lizard chasing while doll is on.

5) Bridle is half  ribbon and black elastic  circles sewn together more jewels glued on. I used 2D rings to connect two circle but Kaiah wouldn’t  wear it, you have to pick your battles.

6) Pole is ribbon covered pipe in station the black stuff  from home depot cut to length gulled on back of costume and  ribbon wrapped and stitched.

7) The rider is a doll I created has embroidered face  from embroidery library. Sewn on to saddle  with fishing line so she  wont fall off even when hunting lizards.

8). Leash is and old one with adimit on fabric cut out and glued. I used this fabric  in my costume from eBay.