My husband and I went as Wile E. Coyote and The Roadrunner. We LOVED this costume and so did all of our friends. Wile E. won 1st place in the costume contest and boy was he one proud Coyote.

I started out by making Wile E.’s head. I used an old baseball cap and a brown beanie as a base. I sewed the nose and cut a hole in the end to slip a wolf/dog nose through. I pulled the nose over the bill of the hat and stuffed it nice and tight. I used yellow felt and drew Wile E.’s eyes with a black sharpie. I cut out the eyes and hand stitched them to the beanie and then sewed the beanie and nose together. I sewed, stuffed and attached the ears and jowls. I sewed the beanie to the hat and we had Wile E’s face. I used a snuggey for the body and gave it legs and tan tummy.

My husband made his rocket and dynamite. He spray painted some paper towel rolls, taped them together, added some string and then tried to blow me up :). For the rocket he spray painted a large tube and used a traffic cone for the tip.

For the road runner I made a tutu out of tulle, netting and feathers. I sewed a blue scarf into a shawl sort of piece and sewed feathers to the sleeves. My absolute FAVORITE part of the Roadrunner’s costume were the feet! They were so comical! I altered a couple of orange knee high socks, stuffed them and slipped them right over my shoes. I pulled my hair back and added a load of feathers. The beak was just card stock with a small elastic string. The Roadrunner also had bird feed that was rice krispy treats molded into a heap.

This was by far our most entertaining costumes!