This is how I got to make our fun Pikachu and Ash Couple Costume:


The Pikachu ears were made out of old devil horns from a previous costume. I put wire in them to make them longer, then covered them with yellow felt, and put black felt at the tips. To make it stay in I hot glued hair combs on the inside of the headband. The yellow dress I ordered online for $5. The brown Pikachu strips on the back were made from brown felt. The tail was made from yellow felt, with brown felt on the tips.

I cut two pieces of each and sewed them together. To make the tail stay upright, I put two pieces of poster board through the middle. There were two pieces of Velcro attached to the bottom of the tail and the butt of the dress. I also took a trip of yellow felt, attached it to the middle of the tail, and made it like a belt around the dress to keep the tail attached. The red cheeks were drawn on with red lip liner.


The blue button up shirt was found cheap at a Goodwill store. Yellow felt was used to make the buttons and pocket slits. The sleeves were cut off the button up shirt and white sleeves from an old t-shirt were sewed on. For the collar I used white felt. Although there aren’t gloves in the picture, I also made gloves, they weren’t dry yet at the time of the picture. I bought white gloves, dyed them with green, and cut the fingers off. The hat was bought off eBay for $5. The green shirt underneath was an old t-shirt. The black anime lines under the eyes were drawn on with eye liner.