As soon as my college roommate and I thought of this idea of a fun magic school bus and Ms. Frizzle Halloween costume, we did everything we had to do to make it PERFECT. We must have gone to 3 stores to find cardboard boxes and several thrift stores to find the right Ms. Frizzle dress. Our next stop was Michaels to get paint for the boxes. Finally, a teacher store. We hit the jackpot here. They had everything we needed: stickers, markers, string (so it would stay on my shoulders), stars, etc. because the Magic School Bus (and Ms. Frizzle’s dress) is covered in this stuff.

Once we had all the supplies, it was time to paint! Then, I printed out pictures of wheels and attached those to cardboard. We found coloring pages with the kids in the windows, along with Ms. Frizzle driving. Cut those out, colored them in, and glued them on. We decorated the bus with the stuff we got from the teachers’ store, and we also put tape rulers along the top of the bus. Decorating the bus was a LOT of work, but it was so completely worth it once we went out and saw everyone’s reactions. People would yell from far away “Oh my God, the Magic School Bus!!!” 

Being on a college campus filled with kids who grew up watching the show, it was a HUGE hit! People knew exactly who we were even if we weren’t with each other. My roommate did her hair in tiny braids and then straightened them so she had the perfect frizzy hair, and we just safety-pinned the science-y stuff onto her dress and gave her some red heels. She kept screaming, “It’s Ms. Frizzle, ya’ll!” (her trademark saying) all night and people all joined in. We attached a horn to the front of the bus too which was fun to get people’s attention. We got so many compliments all night long. I had the most fun Halloween with this costume, and I don’t think we’ll ever be able to top it!